Eine Bühne ist eine Art Raum, der laut Plan bis zu 10000 Teilnehmer aufnehmen kann.

The idea behind the scene is that a speaker can speak to a large audience in one place without using third-party applications.

Let's see how to do it.

The first thing you need to do is create a new Stage Room.


Go to your new room. Team Admins, Space Admins, and Space Moderators may see a "Become a speaker" button that will allow you to enter the stage. This button is not available to Team Members and Guests.



However, Team Members and Guests can use the "Raise Hand" button.


In diesem Fall sieht der Team-Admin, Space-Admin oder Space-Moderator eine Benachrichtigung, mit der er/sie dem Redner erlauben oder verbieten kann, die Bühne zu betreten.




Currently, no more than 12 participants can be on the stage at one time. But some of them can leave the stage, and then a new speaker can go on.


When you are on Stage, you can see all messages from your spectators in the "bubbles" at the bottom of the screen:


You can also show your presentation using the share screen button.

Please note: You have to be on the Stage to use it

Only one of the speakers can show their screen at a time. This button will be grayed out for other speakers on stage until the previous speaker has finished his screen share.


You can add reactions and customize your Stage! Your presentations and performance will be better than ever:


More about customizing you can find here.

Pinning a video on Stage

Pinning a video on Stage is much similar to pinning them on Breakout Rooms, with some differences: 

  • Only admins can pin videos on Stage. If you're not sure if you're an admin, take a look at this article and find out. 
  • Once you upload the video, it will play on loop for each attendee, beginning when the attendee enters Stage Room. The playback will be the same if all participants are already in Stage room, but if someone switch room and get back in Stage room, the video will start again. Live links will always have the same playback for everyone.

Um ein Video auf der Bühne anzuheften, kopieren Sie einfach den Videolink (YouTube, YouTube Live, Vimeo, Vimeo Live, Twitch, Twitch Live) und klicken Sie auf der Bühne auf die Schaltfläche „Anpassen“ und dann auf „Video zum Hintergrund hinzufügen“. " und fügen Sie den Videolink ein:



Click "OK" and your video will start! 



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