So bearbeiten Sie Inhalte, die von einer anderen Person hinzugefügt wurden

Wie Sie vielleicht wissen, gibt es in SpatialChat drei Hauptrollen:

1. Admin.
2. Host.
3. Guest.
Let's review the possibilities of each one, adding and sharing any content in the Space.


Sie können als Admin jedes Objekt, das von einer anderen Person hinzugefügt wurde, anheften, löschen oder verschieben, da alle Admins in SpatialChat die gleichen Rechte haben.

For example, there will be a GIF added by another admin. You can press on this object and see the information about this GIF, picture, or video.


As you can see, when you pressed on the object, you become able to change the size, pin this object or delete it. This works for all types of added items that were added by another person. 


If you a Host, you have almost the same rights as an admin. You can easily move, delete or pin any content, which was added to Space.



As a guest, you can add your content, as well. However, you cannot delete, pin or move other objects. The only thing you can do is to share your GIF, picture, or video with other participants of an event.

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