Vergleich der Benutzerrollen

Es gibt zwei Haupttypen von SpatialChat-Benutzern:

  1. Weltraumgast
  2. Teammitglied



As a regular Guest in the Space, you don't have any special privileges. You are simply a participant who can move between rooms, listen to others, and communicate with others. Keep in mind that your role as a Guest is simply to attend the Space. You don't have any control over the Space or the ability to change it in any way.

There may also be restrictions set by the Admin that only apply to regular guests. For example, the Admin may set room permissions that prevent you from using your microphone or camera, adding content, or writing messages in the room chat.

You can join the Space by following an invitation link or by logging in without an email address.



Teammitgliedern können verschiedene Rollen zugewiesen werden:

  1. Mitglied
  2. Space-Moderator
  3. Bereichsadministrator
  4. Team-Admin

Lassen Sie uns jeden einzelnen Schritt für Schritt überprüfen und alle Unterschiede zwischen ihnen klären. Bitte beachten Sie, dass nur Teilnehmer, die als Mitglieder zum Team eingeladen wurden, dauerhafte Rollen erhalten können.


If you were invited by someone and followed the link, you became a Guest in the Space. If the Team Admin decides to promote you, you will become a Team Member. As a Member, you will have the same abilities as a guest, but you will also have the ability to invite other Guests to the Space. If you sign up with your email, you may also have the opportunity to be permanently promoted to a Space Moderator, Space Admin, or Team Admin. These higher roles come with additional responsibilities and privileges, such as the ability to manage the Space and its Members.



Space Moderators can be identified by a blue badge next to their name.

One advantage of being a Space Moderator is that you are not subject to the same Space permissions as other users. For example, if the Space Admin or Team Admin restricts microphone usage, guests and Members will not be able to use their microphones, but Space Moderators will still have this ability. The Space Moderator role can be assigned in the Space settings or during an event by clicking on a user and selecting the "Promote to Moderator" button. This promotion is only valid for the current session.

Space Moderators also have the ability to "politely" turn off the microphone or camera of any user if necessary, such as if a user has excessive background noise. They can also share or delete any content in the Space and remove any person from the Space. To make more significant changes to the Space or set additional settings, you must be a Space Admin or Team admin.



The Space Admin role can also be assigned by the Team Admin. Space Admins have almost complete control over the Space and its features. They can customize the Space, set permissions, remove users, change passwords, add, edit, or delete any content in the Space, and promote guests to temporary moderators. Space Admins have no restrictions and have equal rights in the Space. However, to perform certain tasks such as adding rooms to your Space and customizing them, you must be logged in with your email.



The Team Admin is a person who has complete control over everything in the Space and has certain privileges as a result. The Team Admin can create and manage multiple Spaces for the team and has access to the billing page and SSO settings, as well as the ability to change the Team's logo.

An important responsibility of the Team admin is the ability to promote Guests to specific roles and demote them if necessary. The Team Admin can also invite guests from the team account or directly from the Space and has full access to all of the Space's features.

Hier ist die Vergleichstabelle zwischen fünf Rollen in SpatialChat:

  Team Admin



Member Guest
Can set Space access password or countdown YES YES NO NO NO
Can skip countdown YES YES YES NO NO
Can change Space settings YES YES NO NO NO
Can customize the Space YES YES NO NO NO
Can manage SSO settings YES NO NO NO NO
Can change the billing plan


Can invite Guests


Can promote guests to other roles YES NO NO NO NO
Can remove other users YES YES YES NO NO
Can promote any user to Moderator YES YES NO NO NO
Can set room permissions YES YES NO NO NO
Can share any content (images, videos, screen sharing) YES YES YES YES * YES *
Can use chat YES YES YES YES * YES *
Can use a camera YES YES YES YES * YES *
Can use a microphone YES YES YES YES * YES *
Can use a megaphone YES YES YES YES * YES *
Can use a broadcast YES YES YES NO NO
Can go on Stage YES YES YES YES ** YES **


* Wenn die Zimmererlaubnis es zulässt

** Nach der „Hand heben“-Annahme




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