Ihr Plan-Upgrade

Melden Sie sich zunächst bei Ihrem Konto an , klicken Sie auf Ihr Team und wählen Sie dann „Upgrade“:



Here you can choose one of the monthly or yearly subscriptions:



Or use DayPass if you plan to use SpatialChat occasionally.


If you already have a subscription and want to change something in it, then in this case you need to select your team in the dashboard, click the Upgrade button and select one of the three options:


If you want to change payment details (for example, change your bank card), then you need to select your Team, Plan details and Upgrade in the Dashboard:


If you use an archived tariff plan and want to change your payment card, select your command in the Dashboard, Plan details, Manage button:




For a complete comparison of the free and paid versions, please visit the following link: https://www.spatial.chat/pricing.


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