How to log in as admin

Admin mode allows you to do everything in SpatialChat:

  • customize your Space
  • set a password & Space restrictions
  • fully moderate your events
  • control billing & upgrade a plan

The first step is to create your Space.

If you haven't already done that, you can do so by visiting and clicking on "Try for free". Next, enter your email address, Space name, and Space URL (it will become a link to your Space). Don't forget to verify that you're a real person, not a robot 🤖




In your email inbox, you should find the Space creation confirmation email that includes your admin password and admin login link:



To access the admin panel, use the SECRET link included in the email. It should look something like this:

-> Click on this link at your email, and you will be logged in as an admin.

Please note that upgrading the subscription requires admin mode, so we strongly recommend that you do not share this link with other participants.


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