Personal Identifiable Information (PII) flow

Short sum-up: the only PII we store in our database is the account owner's email. Usernames & "About me" fields are not stored in our database - they're stored in each user's browser cookies and are deletable by each user at any time.
There are 3 roles each SpatialChat user may have using the product:
  • Space Account Owner (also always having Admin capability)
  • Admin - anyone (including Space Account Owner) having access to the admin password
  • Host - has immunity, can use Broadcast like host and mute other guests
  • Guest - a regular user visiting the event
Space Account Owners are required to enter their email at the time of space creation - for newsletter & account management reasons.
All users who log in to space - need to fill in their names (any text, not their exact names) & "About me" fields. This data is stored in the user's browser cookies.
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