How participant-minutes work

A "Participant-minute" unit represents a minute spent by each of your attendees.

So, if there are 15 participants in your Space now, then 15 participant-minutes are being consumed every minute.

Here's how you can check your participant-minutes usage.

SpatialChat's Starter Plan gives you a quota of 20000 participant-minutes monthly. Additional minutes are billed additionally at $0.008 per each. If you exceed your monthly limit by more than $30 worth of participant-minutes (3750 minutes in this case). Your card will automatically be charged. Any outstanding balance exceeding the limit is charged upon subscription cancellation or at the start of the next billing period.

Can I prevent extra minutes from being charged automatically?

At the moment, you can do so by purchasing a license from our sales team directly.

How can I forecast my participant-minutes usage?

According to data we've gathered from serving thousands of events worldwide since April 2020, the average attendee in a SpatialChat event stays for around 120 minutes (2 hours) for each day of the event, with a minimum of 60 minutes (the product is so good, it's sometimes hard to kick people :)).

For example, one day of an event with 120 participants will usually require 120 x 120 = 14,400 participant minutes.

Is there a plan where I can forget about participant-minutes usage?

Yes, if you're looking for a tool for the virtual office environment, we charge $15/seat monthly and $120/seat annually. Participants can spend their day in the space with multi-room capabilities, depending on the size of the team. For events, we provide a Day Pass plan. In that case, the total pricing depends on the number of participants at the event. Participants can spend almost the whole day in the space with multi-room capabilities, which wouldn't reflect the pricing. The white-labeling solution may be the option.
Please note that the price might change in the future, so it is better to contact sales.

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