How Space links works in SpatialChat

You can customize your Space link and subdomains after creating your Space in SpatialChat.


How to customize my Space link? 

The Space URL is the name of your Space in the Space URL. For example, the Space ID for is "YourSpace".

You can choose any Space URL for your Space after creating your Space in SpatialChat. Here's how to do it. 

Once inside your Space as Admin, go to the MENU in the upper left corner: 


Click on "Space Settings":


At Space Settings, scroll until you find the “Space link” field, there, you can edit to a different name: 



Don't forget to click SAVE! 


Please note that you Space URL:

  • must contain at least 5 characters
  • cannot contain any spaces or special symbols
  • may only contain letters, numbers, and dashes ("-"). Dashes may not be used at the beginning or end of the Space URL
  • must start with a letter



Custom subdomains are temporarily unavailable for new clients.

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