How Space IDs & custom subdomains work in SpatialChat

Once you create your Space in SpatialChat, you will receive an email with

  • your Space access link
  • your admin access link
  • your admin password

Here's an example of a welcome email:


And here's a visual comparison between the various links so you can easily recognize them and know what they do:

Link What it looks like What you can do with it
Space URL Access your Space and use it
Admin access URL<admin_password>

Customize your Space

Space billing URL<admin_password>

Control your billing, upgrade or cancel your plan


Space ID
Custom subdomains
What if I want a cool 3 or 4-letter subdomain?
Can I host SpatialChat on my own domain?


Space ID

The Space ID is the name of your space in the Space URL. For example, the Space ID for is "YourSpace".

You can choose any Space ID for your Space while creating it on our main page:

Please note that you Space ID:

  • must contain at least 5 characters
  • cannot contain any spaces or special symbols
  • may only contain only letters, numbers, and dashes ("-"). Dashes may not be used at the beginning or end of the Space ID
  • must start with a letter

Custom subdomains

SpatialChat enables you to host your Space on a custom subdomain: <your-space>

This feature is available on the Pro Plan.

If your space has the URL, then your custom subdomain link will be

What if I want a cool 3 or 4-letter subdomain?

3 and 4 symbol Spaces are available to our Pro Plan customers on the annual subscription plan.

We create these Spaces manually, so once you have a short Space ID with the URL<cool>, you will have <cool> as a subdomain.

Can I host SpatialChat on my own domain?

Yes. Please contact sales for more details:

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