Managing multiple rooms in a Space

Creating new rooms
Room grouping
Room deep link

Creating new rooms

As always, you need to be logged in as admin in order to add rooms in your Space, as well as to customize them.


If your plan supports multiple rooms, then you will be able to add rooms to your Space.

You can name and rename your rooms:



Just click on the edit button next to the room and you'll be given the following options:

  • Rename Room
  • Change Position
  • Duplicate Room
  • Move to Group
  • Room Permissions
  • Room Password
  • Hide Room
  • Remove Room




Repositioning your room is easy — just click on the arrow buttons to change the room order.

You can also duplicate the room with this function:


It will create a copy of a room with the included elements (background, background settings, room permissions, pinned elements, Spawn Spot).

This function will help you to hide a room if necessary:


  • Rooms can be un/hidden by admins.
  • Hidden rooms can be seen by admins and Space Moderator.
  • Guests who leave a hidden room will no longer be able to see it.


Now you can also lock your rooms with the help of a password (after clicking on the edit button next to the room):


You can lock any room in your Space with a password except the last one because the new guests without passwords should be able to enter.

Keep in mind that:

  • Space Moderator can enter the locked rooms
  • Space Moderator can't set or change the room passwords
  • Admin can enter any room
  • If a guest is in a room that becomes locked, he stays in the room. But he can't reenter it.

Room grouping 

You can also group your rooms on SpatialChat. 

To create a new group of rooms, click on the edit button next to the room's name, then click on "Move to Group", and create a name for your group. 


Screen_Shot_2021-08-11_at_22.09.18.png    Screen_Shot_2021-08-11_at_22.11.12.png

Once a group is created, you can move the other rooms by clicking on the edit pencil and then "Move to Group" again. You can create as many groups as you want. 


If you want to hide a group of rooms, move all the rooms into a group, then hide each one individually. That way non-Space-Moderators or non-Admins (like your attendees) won't be able to see this specific group. 


Room deep link

You can invite attendees to a specific room by sending them the room link. It will make it easier to assign groups or departments at your space.


Your room link will appear at the browser URL bar. You can copy it and paste it into your invite.

Please be aware that your attendant will still need to go through the Log-in page, then arrive at the destination room. 

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