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Setting password access to your Space


How to turn on password-protected access to your SpatialChat Space:

Step 1: login with your admin access link. This can be found in the email that we sent you when you created your Space. It should look something like this:<your_space>/<admin_link>
Step #1 - Find your space admin access link

Step 2: use your admin access link to access your Space in admin mode. Click on the 'Menu' button in the top left corner.


Step 3: click on the 'Space Password' button.


Step 4: in the Space Password text field, enter the password that you want to set for accessing your Space and click on the "Lock Space" button.


Great! Now anyone who tries to join your space at<your_space> will be required to enter the access password in order to log in.


Good to know:

  • you can change your access password at any time
  • when you change your password, your current attendees will remain in the Space, but if they leave and re-enter the Space, they will be required to enter the new password
  • you will see a special link with the password. You can optionally share this with attendees you trust, to make it easier for them to log in
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