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Private access to your Space

There are several ways to control access to your Space.

  1. Set Space as private
  2. Set a password for Space
  3. Set a countdown timer


Set Space as private

The first way to control access to your Space is to set your Space as private. This can only be done by users with a paid subscription.

When this option is enabled, only Team Members and Guests, invited via email, can enter the space.

Click the Menu button:



Then choose Space Settings:



And switch on the Private Space toggle:



Set a password for Space

The second way to control access to your Space is to set a password to your Space. You can do it even with a Free Plan.

Click the Menu button, then choose Space Settings:




Set the password to your Space, click 'This link' to get a link with the password and share it with your participants:


If there are already other Guests in your Space, they will not be kicked out of the Space, and nothing will change for them.


Set a countdown timer

If you set such a timer, then no one except Team Admins and Space Admins will be able to enter your Space until the specified time.

Here's how to do it:




Turn on Space start time toggle, choose Start date and Start time, then - Save:



After you set the date and time and click "Save", all Guests (except your Team members) in the Space will be kicked out to the Welcome Page.

And the next time they try to enter, they will see a countdown timer:



At the same time, Team Admins, Space Admins and Space Moderators will have the opportunity to enter the Space by clicking on the button under the timer:



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