YouTube livestream is not allowed to be embedded

If you've added your YouTube Livestream to SpatialChat, but other users can't see it, there may be several reasons.file-mDYGBZ2PQs_1_.png

The first possible reason is the simplest one: your video is not allowed to be embedded. To fix this, go to your video settings and check the box here.

If, after that, the problem persists, we will try other methods.

According to this article, new YouTube accounts need to be in good standing (according to YouTube).  Usually, if you have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of views on your videos, then your YouTube account is already in good standing and your live embeds should be running good. However, most of us aren't bloggers and don't have so many subscribers, so there's a workaround:  you need to enable AdSense (monetization) to embed streams into other websites (such as ours). Here's how to do it.

Just follow this tutorial:

and wait for up to 7 days for YouTube to complete a review of your YT account and allow embedding.

If not, then to solve this problem, we recommend using an account registered before 2020. Most of them have no difficulties with embedding videos on other resources. Most of SpatialChat users with such problem just ask for a YouTube account registered before 2020 from their friends or colleagues

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