How people join rooms in a multi-room space

That is one of the most popular questions among our large event customers.

The order is simple:

  1. All new guests join your first room until there are at least 30 participants inside that room.
  2. After that, new guests join the second room.
  3. When the second room becomes full with at least 30 participants, new guests join the third room. If the third room is the last one, so people will appear there until it fills with the capacity of 50 people. And then it goes from the bottom to the top.

But if you are using a Room deep link, this rule will not work. So in this case, you can reach the maximum capacity in one room.

SpatialChat currently doesn't have a so-called waiting room where they can choose which room to join when entering the space.

But you can put the Stage room as the first one and place something like an instruction to your guests, for example.

We made this solution to make sure that there's always extra space in the first rooms for your guests to join them to speak with particular guests. 

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