Personal description

What is it?
How to fill in your description
Name and Personal description in your link

What is it?

When you hover your mouse over another member, you can see the name and a short description.


This description is also shown on the right panel when you hover your mouse over.



How to fill in your description

You can do this on the welcome page when you enter Space as a Guest.


Much like Twitter, we have a 250 character limit.

You can type here your position or your contacts.

You can also change your profile data without leaving space.




All Admins can turn on the requirement of filling in all fields on the Welcome Page for their guests. This is how to do it:





Name and Personal description in your link

If you use SpatialChat a lot or manage more than one space, you can integrate your name and description into your space link. Just insert this script into your link, and SpatialChat will fill those fields.

Where "spaceName" is, is where your Space Name will be, "?name=" is where you type your name after the equal sign, and "&about=" is where you type your description, after the equal sign as well.  


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