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  • How to kick all guests out of the space when the event is over

The answer is here: I want to lock my space


  • How to remove an unwanted user

If you are an admin, you can click on that user, go to admin actions, and select "Remove user." To deny him entry, you will have to set a password for the entire space. More about this: I want to lock my space


  • How to make someone's circle bigger

If we are talking about your circle, you can turn on the megaphone. If someone's circle, then only by zooming in. Alternatively, ask the participant to turn on the megaphone.


  • Is it possible to reduce the limit of people per room?



  • How to make secret rooms

You can find an answer here, in the "How to lock the room" section.


  • How do I send guests a link to a specific room?

We do not have such a function yet.


  • Can I move participants to other rooms?

No. You can turn on a megaphone or broadcast and ask everyone to go where you need to.
We simulate the experience of real conferences where people move around the conference hall and rooms themselves. Admin or host is not able to force them to move anywhere (only by invitation)


  • How is an admin notified if the space is full and another participant wants to enter?

He will see the following popup:



  • How is a participant notified that he tries to enter the space that is already full?

He will see the following popup:


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