Music for your rooms

Currently, you cannot upload music from Spotify, Apple Music, etc., to SpatialChat.

But you can share the music video from YouTube!

Let's consider several cases.

Radio on YouTube
Uploaded on YouTube videos


I'll start right away with the most convenient solution:

Radio on YouTube

On request "radio" you can find many different live streams 24/7 with music

The advantage of using music live streams in SpatialChat is that regardless of when and who entered a room with such a live stream, the music will always sound approximately the same for all participants (with a slight delay of several seconds).

How to share video and live streaming in SpatialChat.
Share and pin - what is the difference?

Other users will be able to remove the sound of such a video if it interferes with them


This video (like any other) has settings.
Just click on the video and then on the Settings button.



The first setting will synchronize the video for everyone, regardless of when exactly the person entered this room. The second setting allows you to make a sound room-wide. When this feature is on, the sound of the video will be heard equally throughout the Space. When off, the video will sound louder or quieter based on the user's distance from it.

Uploaded on YouTube videos

Here we are talking about videos that have a duration, they are not live-streamed now.

Every time a SpatialChat member enters the room, the video will always play from the first second.


There is an exception: If this video was previously viewed on YouTube, the video might be played not from the first second, but the second when the user interrupted viewing it on YouTube (not in SpatialChat). This is due to the feature of the "continue watching" function on YouTube itself.

As you may have noticed, such videos cannot be rewound, but this can be done if you add such a video through the "share" function. However, when you leave the room, the video will disappear.

To get around this, you can duplicate a tab, mute it and stay in the room.

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