I am using a mobile device. What are the limitations?

First of all, for the best experience, we recommend using a computer.

But if you do not have this opportunity and are forced to use a mobile device (android, iPhone, iPad), difficulties may arise.

  • Videos added to the room will not work for you. Instead, there will be empty rectangles. It's the same with screen sharing and iframes.

This is due to the characteristics of mobile browsers, and at the moment, there is no solution for this.

  • The broadcast function may not work correctly.
  • You can't add the content to the room (images, gifs, videos, text&links, iframes).
  • You can't share your screen when you are on Stage.
  • You will also not be able to access the customization menu, even if you are an admin. It is only available on the computer.

But you can pretend that you are using a computer. To do this, you can enable the Full desktop view mode.

How to View Full Desktop Site on Chrome Android Phone?

How to view a desktop site on mobile Safari?


I must warn you that low performance is possible.

If you use iOS (iPhone), you should use Google Chrome (preferably) or Safari.

If you use Android, you should use Google Chrome or Firefox.


Basic functions (audio and video of other participants) - should work correctly. But we cannot guarantee this. If you are having difficulty using SpatialChat on a mobile device, we recommend using a computer.


On mobile devices, this is more complicated to move in the room - on a small screen, there is not enough space for a list of rooms. Therefore, there is an additional button. By clicking on which, you can open the list of rooms.

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