I want more than 50 people in one room

Each of our Breakout rooms can have no more than 50 participants. This is a technical limitation and cannot be changed in any way. Absolutely.

But you can make multiple rooms depending on your plan.

On the Free plan, you will have 3 rooms by default. On the Starter plan, you can create up to 5 rooms. According to the other plans, you can have more rooms. Please contact our sales managers to increase the number of rooms.

What can you think of?

Usually, our users want to fit more than 50 people in one room because they want to present something to a large audience.

In this case, we suggest the following method:

Create a Stage room (https://help.spatial.chat/hc/en-us/articles/360020198700)

Invite your guests to this Stage room. You can use the Broadcast feature for this.

Share your content, get feedback from the audience via chat.

I don't need to present anything. I want the participants to communicate with each other

Then you just need to create more rooms!

Here's an article for more detail:s


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