I want more than 50 people in one room

Our Breakout rooms have a maximum capacity of 50 participants, and this cannot be altered. However, you can create additional rooms based on your plan. The Free plan includes 3 rooms by default, and the Starter plan allows for up to 5 rooms. If you need more rooms, please reach out to our sales team for further assistance.

What can you think of?

If you need to present to a larger audience and the maximum capacity of our Breakout rooms is not sufficient, you can try using a Stage room. A Stage room is a special type of room that allows you to share your content and interact with your audience through the chat feature. To use a Stage room, you can invite your guests to the room and use the Broadcast feature to share your content. This can be a useful alternative if you need to present to a larger group of people and the capacity of our Breakout rooms is not sufficient.

I don't need to present anything. I want the participants to communicate with each other

Then you just need to create more rooms!

Here's an article for more details:


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