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Camera and microphone

Please avoid using mobile devices. It is best to use a computer or laptop.

If you still have to use a smartphone or tablet, then be prepared for some restrictions: I am using a mobile device. What are the limitations?


We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox. This usually updates automatically.

You can also use other Chromium-based browsers, but if you have any problems, we will recommend that you first install Chrome and check any problems with that browser.

It's available for macOS too!

Google Chrome - Download

Firefox - Download 

Camera and microphone

If your camera is easily detected in other programs, then there will be no problems with SpatialChat. Unfortunately, it is impossible to describe the manual for each device. Therefore, if you have any difficulties with this, you will have to find a manual for your model on the Internet.

If you have several cameras (or microphones) installed, this short article will tell you how to select the desired device in SpatialChat.

If you have multiple cameras (or microphones) on your computer


First of all, we recommend using headphones, so you don't have echoes.

You cannot select a speaker in SpatialChat. You can only change the main speaker on the entire device. Here are the articles on how to do it:

How to Choose Your Default Speakers on Windows 10

How to Switch Sound Output Devices on a Mac

Close other programs that use the camera and microphone

If you get a message stating that SpatialChat cannot access your camera or microphone, it is most likely because another program has captured their use.

These may include calling software (Zoom, Skype) or screen recording software (OBS).


Close other programs that are slowing down your computer. And also extra browser tabs.

Holding multiple connections, which happens when there are many participants in the room, may significantly load the user's computer. To avoid a bad user experience, free up computer resources in advance.

Ready! Steady! Go!

You can directly go to the event space using the link sent to you by the event organizer or go to our demo room to check if everything is working well. Here is a link to it:


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