Basics of SpatialChat

Welcome to SpatialChat!

Here we kind of simulate offline conferences. This article provides information on the main aspects of interactions in SpatialChat.

How to use SpatialChat?

Learn more about the platform with this video guide:

Your Device

If you tidy yourself up to attend an offline conference, we need to prepare your device to attend a virtual event.

Your device settings

Hello! My name is...

Just like at an offline event, you need a badge. In SpatialChat, this is a profile picture and description. Here's how to set them:

How to upload your profile picture

Personal description


Space is a virtual area you create. It can contain a different number of rooms.

Being an admin, you can customize your space according to your needs.

How to customize your space

The space name and space ID can be changed. ID is the name of your space in the Space URL.

How to change the space name and space ID

Entering a room

When you enter any room, you will see only a small part of the whole room. You can choose a scale of the screen after entering the room, clicking on the right bottom button, and choose the best option. You may also use the scroll wheel or do it by tapping your device's screen to change zoom settings.


The Room is a part of the space. You can have several rooms in the space according to your plan.

Each of our rooms can have no more than 50 participants. This is a technical limitation and cannot be changed in any way.

I want more than 50 people in one room

Moving between rooms

When you press the "Join Space" button, you will be taken to one of the rooms.

One picture, instead of a thousand words:


If suddenly you do not see a list of rooms, take a look at this article:

How to move between rooms

Moving inside the room

Just click on your circle and drag it to any other location.


You can find your bubble by clicking on your name on the right panel.


A circle or bubble shows your position in space. With your camera on, it will show your video stream. With your camera off, it will show your profile picture if you uploaded it before signing in. If not, it will show the first letter of your name.

Bottom panel and buttons on it


Anyone can add a picture, video, gif, or share their screen (if there are no restrictions in the room).



Any content that the user has shared will disappear after that user leaves the room. For example, if the user will move to another room or close the browser tab.


By clicking on this button, you can send emojis or any text. There can also be some links.



Turning the camera or microphone on and off

mceclip2.png    mceclip3.png

The Megaphone!

As you already know, SpatialChat rooms feature dynamic volume. So the volume at which you and other guests hear each other changes according to your circles’ distance from each other, just like in a real room.

But sometimes, you need the whole room to hear you equally well. That’s where the Megaphone comes in handy.


Just like the iconic street meetings and parades of the golden age, the Megaphone allows a user to be heard at the same volume all across the room.

Leave Space

This button will take you to the welcome page. For example, to upload a profile picture or change the description.


You may also find this function here:



Search for participants in the space

If you are looking for a specific participant, this button can help you.


Start typing the name of the person you are looking for and then click on him in the list. You will be moved to this attendee.

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