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Balloon chat

If you don't want to leave your message in a room chat for all participants, you can also use speech balloons to express your feelings with emojis or say something. Unlike a room chat, balloon chat is shown for few seconds and then disappears.

To use a speech balloon, you may click on the button on the bottom bar.


You can choose any emoji you want or just type in a short message (The maximum length of a message is 500 letters)!

Room chat

If you want to send a text, emoji, or link for all people - the Room Chat will work for you. You can find it by clicking on the button in the top right corner.


Each room in the space has its own separate chat. And you are able to see the last 100 messages in it.

If there are some unread messages, a green dot will appear on the icon.


You may also delete the messages in the chat history with the help of this button (on hover):


or remove all the chat history with one click:


You can also send reactions to messages:



Direct Messages

If you want to send a message to someone privately, just hover your mouse over the person's avatar, then click on the chat balloon icon that goes beside the person's name.


You can also send a message by clicking on the three dots beside the name on Room's list:


When someone sends you a message, a green notification will appear on their sidebar: 


By clicking on it, you can see if the message comes from Group Chat or Direct Messages: 



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