Stage Room (beta)

A stage is a new type of room that can accommodate up to 3000 participants according to the plan.

The idea behind the scene is that an administrator or host can speak to a large audience in one place without using third-party applications.

Let's see how to do it.

The first thing you need to do is create a new Stage Room.


Go to your new room. Administrators and hosts may see a "Go on stage" button that will allow you to enter the stage. This button is not available to guests.


Currently, no more than six participants can be on the stage at one time. But some of them can leave the stage, and then a new speaker can go on.

You can also show your presentation using the share screen button.

Please note: You have to be on the Stage to use it

Only one of the speakers can show their screen at a time. This button will be grayed out for other speakers on stage until the previous speaker has finished his screen share.


Now you can add reactions and customize your Stage! Your presentations and performance will be better than ever:


More about customizing you can find here.


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