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We understand that most users have one monitor and you want to simultaneously see your presentation (with the ability to switch slides) and what is happening in the room. Therefore, the solution below may work fine for you.

Important! That is not the feature of Spatial Chat, that is only workaround.

This trick is also relevant for the Stage room.


Video guide for this article:

Step one.

Upload your presentation to Google slides

Step two.

Install the browser extension from the link: link

Step three.

Open your Presentation Slides in Edit Mode, then click on the Present w/ Remote button

If you don't see this button, please refresh the page


Step four.

Click on the Start Remote button to show the 6-digit code


Step five.

Take your smartphone and open in your mobile browser. Enter your code from the previous step.

You can now switch slides from your smartphone. Also, you can see your notes if you've added them to the slides.

Step six.

Add this presentation tab to SpatialChat using the Share Desktop feature.

Step seven.

Turn on the megaphone so that you can be heard throughout the room.

Step eight.

Invite your listeners. Do not forget to tell them that they can zoom in and zoom out in SpatialChat.

Step nine.

Start your brilliant presentation.



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