Authentication Roadmap

Currently, the only security to SpatialChat space is the space password you can set (more details here).
As of Q2’2021, we are working on the following authentication methods (sorted on the current priority of development:
  1. SAML SSO via Okta (currently under development). ETA ~ June 2021
    This includes all sign-on methods supported by Okta, for example, SAML, Google SSO, Azure AD, etc
  2. Email-based authentication (invite-only). ETA ~ June 2021
  3. Google SSO (without Okta). ETA ~July 2021
  4. Direct SAML (without Okta). ETA ~August 2021

Admin accounts

Currently, the Space owner is an admin, and whoever has the admin link - has admin rights.
However, we will improve this after implementing user accounts, where the space owner could invite other users to space and set them up with admin and host rights.
ETA ~ June/July 2021.


You can check & subscribe to our updates dashboard located here: To stay on top of our updates.
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