Live Meetings Translate (for Stage)

First of all: this is Workaround. A little trick on how you can organize an event in several languages.


Let's say you want to translate from Japanese to English. Your speaker speaks Japanese, and you have an interpreter. Then you will need:

  1. Create Stage # 1 (Japanese)
  2. Create Stage # 2 (English)
  3. Ask the speaker to go to stage # 1
  4. Ask the speaker to open another tab and go to stage 2
  5. Ask the speaker to turn off the microphone on stage # 2
  6. Ask the interpreter to enter the room of stage # 1 (it is not necessary to go up on the stage, it is enough to be in this room)
  7. Ask the interpreter to go to stage 2

The idea is that the translator receives sound from tab # 1, and he can speak another language for the audience of stage # 2.

If the speaker wants to share the screen, they can do it at two browser tabs.


If you have multiple speakers, this can work too, but they will have to go to two stages.

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