Adding pointer to your presentation

To help you stay focused on the important part of the session or presentation, you may use some pointer to highlight the key points.

Firstly, you can share the screen with an audience because there will be a mouse pointer to follow the speaker. Everyone will see a mouse pointer, and you can freely pick out anything.


Secondly, if you want to pin a video before your meeting in Spatialchat or you have a poster session but also want to highlight the most important issues, you can follow the next steps to solve this problem:

1. Add a text block and type any symbol, which you can use as a pointer. For example, ▢ ● ◯ ^ > < -> etc. (you can copy and paste any of them).


2. Make the font bigger and set up the red color. Stretch it if you really need to make it bigger and move your pointer anywhere you want! Moreover, you can change clarity and make your pointer more transparent. 


How to move this pointer

Admins and Space Moderators can move any objects in Room, including this pointer.

The easiest way is to create a few of these objects before your event and then give your presenter's moderator's rights.

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