SAML configuration at SpatialChat

Please note that this feature is available for Team plan users.

Once we enable this feature in your Space, you will be able to change the SSO Settings on your Team Settings.
First of all, you need to log in.

On your Spatialchat dashboard, select the Team you want to implement SSO: 



As you click on it, it will take you to the Team panel, where you can check on the capacity of this Team, invite members, and manage Spaces. 

The first option on the left will be the settings. A range of other options will appear like Users, Plan details, Logo, SSO, and more. 


And then on the Team settings, you can select the “CONNECT SSO” button. 




You should fill in the 'Sign In URL' and 'Identity Provider Entity ID' fields.

This guide may be helpful with that:



The "Login Button Text " is only taking effect at SpatialChat.

This will make it clearer for your Guests that authorization is done through your Identity Provider.



How to allow Guests to join your Space with SSO enabled

You can enable/disable anonymous entrance in the Space Settings, turning on/off the "Private Space" button (available only for paid plans):




There are no limit of the number of domins we can set for SSO for team.
For example, if you set up two sso domains: "" and "", then you can enter the space using one of two emails: or




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