New guest notification in space

Please Note: This is a Workaround

SpatialChat does not yet have a notification system for the administrator that a new member has joined your space.

But you can create a virtual BELL! When your guests click on it, you will receive an alert. I will give an example of how to do it using third-party services. In my example, you can only get by with the Telegram service. But for the sake of simplicity, I will use the optional Integromat service.



So, first, you need Telegram. There we need to refer to @BotFather and click Start. Enter the command /newbot and follow the instructions. This is where we need to save the token of your new bot.


Next, create a new group chat and add your bot there.


Next, we need to find out the ID of your group chat. To do this, add another bot @myidbot and write the command /getgroupid@myidbot. Save the received ID. After that, @myidbot can be removed from the group.


Go to the second service After entering your personal account, click the "Create new scenario" button and select Webhooks and Telegram bot.

The first event in our chain of actions will be the Custom Webhook. Create a new webhook and name it "SpatialChat_BELL_hook" for example.


You will need this link too. Save it. Follow this link in a new tab. This is the link we will use in SpatialChat for notifications.

Add one more action in your chain: Telegram - Send a Text Message or a Reply.


For your convenience, you can also add a link to your space in the notification text.

Don't forget to turn on your script with this button:



All you have to do is let your guests go to the link that we created in Integromat. If you have not saved it earlier, then go to your script and click on the "Custom webhook" action.

You can design this link as a text block or do it with a QR code.


When someone clicks on this link, you will immediately receive an alert in your chat.


That's all!

You can also decorate your link with link shortening (like, add multiple employees to your chat, or use this example to make the alerts convenient for you.

I hope this helped you!

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