Sharing and editing content at your rooms (images, videos, text&links)

There are three user roles in SpatialChat (Admin, Host, and Guest). Let's review the possibilities of each one, adding, sharing, and editing any content in the Space.



As an admin, you can share and pin any objects in the Space (images, GIFs, videos, text&links) with one button on the bottom panel:


For example, to add an image, click 'Add Image' and drag-and-drop or paste the object. The preferable option for an image file format is JPG, JPEG, or PNG format. Nevertheless, you may use another type of image file format if you want (BMP, ICO, ECW, etc.):


You can control your added image or other objects by clicking on it (resize, pin or delete):


Keep in mind that it will disappear if you don't pin an object and move to the other room or leave space. In this case, you will get this warning:


This also works for gifs, videos, text&links.

Also, you can prevent the participants from pinning added items in the room permissions.

You have to log in as an admin to see "Room Permissions" and change it.

    mceclip0.png   10-08-2021_114110.jpg


Moreover, the admin can pin, delete, or move any object added by another person (even if it's another admin) because all admins have equal rights in SpatialChat. For example, there will be a GIF added by another admin, host, or guest. You can press on this object and see the information about this GIF, text, picture, or video.


As you can see, when you pressed on the object, you become able to change the size, pin this object or delete it. This works for all types of added items that were added by another person. 


If you are a Host, you have almost the same rights as an admin. You can add any objects (images, gifs, videos, text&links) with one button on the bottom panel and change it if needed. Consequently, you can easily move, delete, or pin any content added to Space by another admin, host, or guest.



As a guest, you can add your content, as well, if there are no specific room permissions in the Space. Therefore, you can add your content to the room when content sharing permission is set to "True" by any admin of the Space. 

However, you cannot delete, pin or move other objects added by another person. The only thing you can do is to share your GIF, picture, or video with other participants of an event and then change it (resize, delete, pin, etc.)


You can also find more about videos here: Videos at SpatialChat

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  • If I try to insert a link in a space, the page freezes in Chrome on my MacBook Pro 16.


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