User roles comparison

There are two main types of SpatialChat users:

  1. Space Guest
  2. Team Member


Space Guest

A regular Guest of the Space hasn't got any specific possibilities. Guests are the attendees who can move between rooms, listen to each other, or talk with someone. It is necessary to understand that the role of the Guest is just to attend in the Space. They can't manage the Space or somehow change it. 

Also, some restrictions set by the Admin may occur, which influences only ordinary Guests. If Admin sets room permissions, in some cases, you will no longer be able to use your microphone or camera, add any content, or write messages to the Room Chat.

Guests can join the Space via invitation link or skip it and authorize without email.

Team Member

Team Members can be assigned different roles:

  1. Member
  2. Space Moderator
  3. Space Admin
  4. Team Admin

Let's review each one step by step and clarify all differences between them. Please, note that only participants who have been invited to Team as Members can get permanent roles.


If you were invited by someone and followed the link, you became a Guest of the Space. Then, if Team Admin promotes you, you will be able to become a Member. You will have the same characteristics as Guest, but Member can invite other Guests to the Space. Also, when you sign up with your email, you can be permanently promoted to the Space Moderator, Space Admin, and Team Admin.


Space Moderator

Space Moderator can be recognized with a blue badge at their bubble.

Firstly, Space Moderators are not affected by any Space permissions. For example, if a Space Admin or Team Admin restricts microphone usage in the Space, Guests or Members won't be able to use their microphone, but Space Moderators will be able to use it. Space Moderator role can be given in the Space settings or right during the event! Just click on the user and choose the "Promote to Moderator" button, then this person will become the Space Moderator (it's valid only during one session). 

Space Moderators may also "politely" turn off the microphone or camera for any given user. This feature comes in handy when a user has excessive background noise. Space Moderators can share or delete any content in the Space or even remove any person from the Space. If you want to change the Space or set additional settings, you have to be the Space Admin or the Team Admin.


Space Admin

This role can be given by Team Admin as well. Space Admins are the users who can do almost everything in SpatialChat. They can customize the Space, set permissions, remove other users, change passwords, add, edit or delete any content in the Space, can promote the Guest as a temporary Moderator in the Space. So, you have full access to all features inside the Space. 

Space Admins have no restrictions, but all Admins have equal rights in Space. As always, you need to be logged in with your email to add rooms in your Space, for example, and customize them. 


Team Admin

Team Admin is a person, who can manage everything in Space, so he has certain advantages. Team Admin can create and contain multiple spaces for the Team. He also has access to the Billing Page and SSO settings, logo, etc.

One important thing is that only Team Admin can promote Guests to particular roles and demote them if needed. Team Admin can also invite Guests from the Team Account or directly from Space and has full access to the Space features. 

Here's the comparison table between five roles in SpatialChat:

  Team Admin

Space  Admin

Space  Moderator

Member Guest
Can promote guests to other roles YES NO NO NO NO
Can set Space access password or countdown YES YES NO NO NO
Can change the billing plan


Can invite Guests


Can set room permissions YES YES NO NO NO
Can remove other users YES YES YES NO NO
Can promote any user to Moderator YES YES NO NO NO
Can share any content (images, videos, screen sharing) YES YES YES Yes * Yes *
Can use chat YES YES YES Yes * Yes *
Can use a camera YES YES YES Yes * Yes *
Can use a microphone YES YES YES Yes * Yes *
Can use a megaphone YES YES YES Yes * Yes *
Can use a broadcast YES YES YES NO NO
Can go on Stage YES YES YES Yes ** Yes **
Can customize the Space YES YES NO NO NO
Can manage SSO settings YES NO NO NO NO


* If Room Permission allows

** After 'Raise-a-hand' acception




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