Room types comparison

There are two types of rooms in SpatialChat:

  1. Breakout room
  2. Stage room
  3. Workplace (beta)

You can identify them by a special mark to the left of the room name. Let's review each one step by step and make clear all differences between all types of rooms.


Breakout room

Breakout room is the most common-used room in the SpatialChat. It works like a real office or any working space. Once you are in the Breakout room, you can hear a discussion group by dragging your avatar closer to any group of people. If you want to be near a specific person, you can either click their avatar in the space, or you can click their names that are listed on the right panel of the screen.

You can also click on the user's bubble to move to him immediately. 



Each of our Breakout rooms can have no more than 50 participants. This is a technical limitation and cannot be changed in any way. Despite that, you can talk to each other in the Breakout room, share your screen, add any content you want if there are no room permissions set by the Space admin.

Moreover, there are many options in the Breakout room, which could also be found in this article.

Stage room

If you need to accumulate more than 50 people in a room, you can use the Stage room in this case. According to the plan, 10000 people can join the Stage room simultaneously, and up to 12 speakers can go on the Stage.

The idea of the Stage room is that a Team Admin, Space Admin or Space Moderator can speak to a large audience in one room. In comparison with a Breakout room, only a certain number of people can speak or share any content. Other Team Members and Guests are in listen-only mode and can use a room chat. Also, Team Members and Guests can use the "Raise Hand" button.

More details about the Stage room can be founded in this article.

Workplace (beta)

The Workplace is ideal for creative and product teams as it combines collaboration in multiple external services in a single place on a zoomable canvas with team communication and recording results. 

The Workplace is built for remote teams to collaborate and focus on tasks, share multiple screens, use a whiteboard, draw graphics, add iframe, images, videos, pictures, and much more.

More details about the Workplace room can be found in this article.

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