How to use IFrame on SpatialChat

Iframe at SpatialChat
Example: Google Forms
Example: YouTube
Example: Google Slides


The Iframe is a new kind of object in SpatialChat that allows you to embed a variety of different content right into your Breakout room. It can also be used as a survey tool and in multiple activities, in which an individual interaction with the object is required. Meaning that the content is not activated simultaneously, each user will interact differently.

Important! Safari browser has W3C Privacy CG standardization, due to which embeddable iframes do not work without user confirmation that he is familiar with the product and agrees to the terms of use.
In order for the iframe to work in Safari, the user must visit our website/product and perform an action, and only then will he be able to see the iframe built into the site.
In this case, the best solution to the problem is to use Google Chrome, since there are no such restrictions.


Iframe at SpatialChat

To add an Iframe, you must be the Admin or Moderator of your space. 

Go to your Breakout Room at SpatialChat and choose the Share Content "+" button, then choose "</> Embed Web (iFrame)" Option: 




Paste the content of your Iframe and hit OK.  After that, you can click one-time to pin it, resize, or delete it. To interact with the Iframe block, you need to double-click on it.


Each session is individual. This means this is not like Screen Share - not everyone sees the same thing as yours. Everyone sees their own.

You can also embed any web page even without the <iframe> </iframe> code (the creators who have not prohibited the use of their site inside the iframe blocks).

Example: Google Forms

Today, almost all services offer the Embed option when sharing, let's try with a simple form by Google Forms, here you can see the SEND option: 


After that, a window will ask you to choose a way to send this form. To embed this form, click on the option with brackets.


Then you can click on "Copy", to copy the HTML (IFrame)


If you want to learn more about how to create your form or survey, please take a look here:

Example: YouTube

Here's another example from 





Example: Google Slides

You can also embed a presentation on SpatialChat, here is how: 

First, click on File at the top of your presentation, then select the option "Publish on the web"



After that, a window with options to publish will appear, you'll choose the "<>" (embed) option: 


Copy the code for embedding and paste it on SpatialChat on "Add Iframe". 




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