White-labeling on SpatialChat

Our white-label features are available for Day Pass, Team, or Pro Plan users to make your events as proprietary as they can be. 

Space Logo
Personalized URL 

Space Logo

Your Space Logo will be displayed inside your Space and your Welcome page.

To upload it, first, make sure you're logged in as admin, and the logo attends the following specifications: 

  • 400px and above.
  • Light-Colored or white - Our backdrop is dark gray so if your logo is black or a darker color it will be hardly visible. 
  • .PNG or .SVG formats - It will guarantee there's transparency behind your logo. If you don't know what it means, please check this article on different image formats

The upload field will be on your admin Menu, on Space Settings: 



Once your Space Settings are opened, you will see the field to upload the logo: 


By clicking on "UPLOAD", a window of your computer will open, so you can select your file. Here's a preview of how your Space will look like with the logo applied: 






Personalized URL 

As part of Pro Plan, you can have a personalized URL like https://wines.spatial.chat

Your URL will have the same name as the space you created, so if your space is https://spatial.chat/s/event, your URL will be https://event.spatial.chat. 

We also redirect third-party domains, like https://yoursite.com. For more information on how to acquire it,  please contact our incredible sales team at sales@spatial.chat




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