Video quality on SpatialChat

Breakout Rooms


Video resolution: 360p

Frame rate: 30 fps

We tested different resolutions: 240p, 360p, 480p and 720p. In practice, due to the nature of spatial video and limited circle sizes, 360p resolution proved to be the optimum quality, and a further increase in resolution doesn’t necessarily improve the experience.


Stage Rooms


Video resolution: up to 720p

Frame rate: 30 fps

The Stage, on the contrary, required higher video streaming resolution since the viewport size is significantly larger than in the breakout mode. The video resolution is 720p. However, it is dynamically modified for every user, adapting to their computer and internet speed. For example, if someone has a bad internet connection, their video upload/download resolution is dynamically reduced to 480p or 360p. This allows for more usability for every user.


Your camera quality

The video quality also highly depends on the user’s web camera quality. If the camera quality isn’t good, It’s also not worth streaming in even UltraHD quality, so SpatialChat also dynamically adapts to your camera capabilities. 


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