Miro boards on SpatialChat

Now you can integrate Miro boards directly into SpatialChat.

A Miro board is an online whiteboard tool that helps you organize your ideas, collaborate with your team, manage workflows, and such. 

To create a Miro board, first, you have to sign up to Miro. Then you can add a board from your dashboard, or simply type miro.new in your browser address bar. 

To create a board from your Miro dashboard, click on the blue square "New Board", it will always be the first from left. 


Then a new board will open, and you will be able to start interacting.


To integrate the board into SpatialChat, you have to copy your board URL.


To paste it to SpatialChat, go on to the lower bar at your Breakout room, on the Add content button, and choose "Add Whiteboard"


If you're wondering how your attendees will see and collaborate with the board, the answer is: it depends. 

- If your guest is not signed up on Miro, the board will look like this: 


- If your guest is already on your Miro Team, or already logged on Miro, the board will look like this: 


If you're from the Miro account team, you can see and interact with the board immediately. If not, permission from the board's owner will be requested. 

Some things to keep in mind about Miro boards at SpatialChat: 

- You can control it if this tool is available to everyone in Room Permissions

- Interaction with collaborating tools on SpatialChat has the same principles as Iframes. You will have to click to interact, and if your guests are not allowed, they will not see the same as you. 

- Miro board integration is only allowed in Breakout rooms. 

- Have fun collaborating! 






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