Google Docs on SpatialChat

Now you can integrate Google Docs directly with SpatialChat without having to use Iframe or Screen-Share.

Google Docs is a free online tool from Google that helps you create and organize text files, spreadsheets, presentations and forms. By being Cloud stored, it's simple to update and access your files, and even download them to your hard-drive. 

To create a Google Doc, first you have to sign up/log on a Google Account. Then you can choose what kind of doc you will want to integrate, let's try with Google Slides. 

Let's suppose I want to make my Google presentation available to every client that arrive at my Breakout Room on SpatialChat. The first thing I'll have to do is to share the presentation by clicking on the upper right button "Share".


Since I want all my clients to see my presentation and they're not from my company, I will set the permission to "Everyone with the link" can be a "Viewer", 


By coping the updated link, all I need to do is to go to my Breakout Room and go to the "Add Content" menu, then choosing "Google Docs" and then "Presentation" (as in my case is a presentation). 


After positioning and resizing the presentation's frame, my guests already can see it as they enter the room. Here is the first one interacting: 


Some things to keep in mind when using Google Docs on SpatialChat: 

- You can control if this tool is available to everyone on Room Permissions

- Interaction with collaborating tools on SpatialChat have the same principles of Iframes. You will have to double-click to interact, and if your guest is not allowed, they will not see the same thing as you. 

- Google Docs integration is only allowed on Breakout rooms. 

- Have fun collaborating! 


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