Your plan upgrade

First of all, log in to your account and click on your Team:



Then, choose 'Upgrade':



Here you can add the required number of users (we will do this with Day Pass):



The cost of each user for one day is 2$ in Day Pass. 
Please note: prices are subject to change. You can see the current prices on our website.

Select the quantity you want and click on the button 'Select for...':



Choose the start date and time of your new plan:



Then, choose the end day (time will be set automatically):



And click 'To checkout':



You will be taken to the payment processing page. After successful payment, your plan will be immediately upgraded.


Now, let's check our new plan.



Here you can see your Planned Day Passes. 




Differents between Free plan and Paid plan:
So with the paid version ($2/seat Day Pass) you get 24-hour access to the space according to the capacity you paid for with the ability to make your space private for extra security and with 5 stage recordings included. We also provide early access to your space right after the payment, so that you can create and customize all the rooms (up to 200) necessary for the event.

The free plan includes a limited number of participants at a time. There are only 3 rooms available that you can create with this plan. Scene recording and privacy features are not available in the free plan.


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