Teams and Spaces

We dreamed of creating an infinite amount of cool spaces on SpatialChat and designating them for different groups of people: clients, family, friends, co-workers, and such. So we took all spaces ever created on SpatialChat and borrowed their names to create some Teams.

How to invite members to your Team

The Teams are displayed as follows on your dashboard.


Let's take my space, "Wines of the world," what once was just a space on SpatialChat now is a Team and is easily managed at my dashboard. 


If I click on it, it will take me to the Team panel, where I can check on the capacity of this Team, invite members, and manage spaces. 

The first option on the left will be the settings. A range of other options will appear like Users, Plan details, Logo, SSO, and more. 



How to invite members to your Team

Go to your Team Panel, click on the purple button "+Invite," type the e-mail you want to invite, and select the space.


Select between Members and guests: 


Then add their e-mails and select their role: 




Once your members have accepted the invite, you can change the levels of permissions and assign different spaces through the user panel. 






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