Workplace room

The Workplace is designed for people to work together in real-time. It offers a zoomable interface with the ability to use and record multiple whiteboards while chatting with your colleagues and working on projects.



How to create and try out the workplace?




  • Working canvas board with massive zoom-in/out optionzoom.gif
  • All users’ sound is carried through the entire room
  • Following- allows everyone to select a user and track what he is doing in the room background
  • Spotlight me - click on "Spotlight me" icon on the toolbar at the bottom so that other room guests can see if they are invited to join a screen presentation mode. You can disable this feature. How it looks like from the speaker and listener:
  • Fixed bubbles on the toolbar with no right to move bubbles.png
  • Cursors with the user names are displayed on the canvas in real-time _ursors.png
  • Full-screen and navigation mode with switching between open frames
  • Indication of the users who interact with the object indications_2.jpg
  • Drag and Drop drag_and_drop.gif
  • Pen on map pen_on_map.gif
  • Broadcasting
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