Co-browsing (beta) is turned off

Why we’re sunsetting virtual browser

SpatialChat was created to give you the ultimate video meeting experience at work. However, not all features may be equally popular among users, leading to the decision to sunset some that are no longer in high demand.

One such feature is the virtual browser in SpatialChat. The virtual browser allowed users to browse the web in real-time, share links, and explore content together. The feature was utilized less than other features, solving the same scenarios, like screen sharing or in-space integrations. The browser also had slow startup times and security concerns, which limited its functionality and performance. We also relied on a third-party vendor for the virtual browser, but the vendor chose to invest in other areas rather than improving it. Regarding sync collaboration, we will focus on enhancing other in-space integrations with popular tools and improving audio/video quality.

Discontinuing a feature can impact users who rely on it. To support those affected, we suggest alternative solutions such as using iFrame for integrations, screen sharing to showcase work progress, and integrating with Google Docs or Miro if those applications are in use.

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